“Since debuting on HBO Max, Black Messiah has earned the season’s highest Rotten Tomatoes audience score and been treated to a wave of great press, including an essay in the New York Times positing it as “the most radical film ever produced by Hollywood.” – Vulture.com
A hot contender in this year’s awards season #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah has already won, among others, the AFI Award for “Movie Of The Year” and has garnered, to date, a total of 18 nominations, including two Golden Globe nominations!
The original soundtrack with music by #MarkIsham & #CraigHarris is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify. Orchestral score recorded and mixed by multi Grammy award winner #JimAnderson at #ValhallaStudiosNewYork
What a great project to start our collaboration with Jim Anderson. Thank you, Jim.
It’s been a pleasure!