“One of the great aspects of being a mastering engineer is that you get to work on a wide variety of music; changing gears from one day to the next –
from heavy metal to acoustic jazz to singer/songwriter to crossover classical to straight-up commercial pop, and much more.”
– Darcy Proper (Mastering Engineer) –

The last few weeks at VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK have indeed been a great example of this assessment.

Darcy rounded out 2019 working on a number of fascinating album projects, one of which was a new album for the legendary Swiss rock band, Gotthard, due to be released this spring. For those not familiar with Gotthard, these guys have been rocking their fans in Europe for decades with over 2000 concerts, 14 “Number 1” albums, 7 Platinum albums, 6 Double Platinum albums, 2 Triple Platinum albums, 1 Quadruple Platinum album and a Diamond album. Wow! We can’t wait to see what happens with the upcoming release!

Darcy also had the pleasure of working on yet another album project for her long-standing client, Etta Scollo.
This Sicilian-born singer’s career ranges from full scale opera to intimate folk music. She has made over a dozen albums and countless breathtaking live performances accompanied by concert orchestra, traditional-instrument ensembles, simply solo, and everything in between. Etta’s latest work, “Voci di Sicilia” is a compilation of her songs about Siciliy, hand-picked from her extensive and compelling catalog, to accompany a travel/photography book about this amazing island and its culture.

To add yet another flavor to the mix, Darcy mastered a lovely album for Argentinian vocalist Sandra Rumolino and contrabassist Leonardo Teruggi accompanied by Cyril Garac on violin and Lionel Allemand on cello. “Tangos entre cordes” was produced by Juan José Mosalini and, as you might guess, it is an album of tangos, every one of them breath-taking. Sandra and her ensemble describe themselves as an “atypical string quartet”: 
“Le violon c’est la voix de l´âme, Le violoncelle celle du coeur, La contrebasse est la voix des entrailles, Et la voix … c’est la corde sensible.”
[Translation: “The violin is the voice of the soul, The cello the voice of the heart, The contrabass is the voice of the deep, And the voice our emotional chord.”] Their album will be coming out in the spring.

Stay tuned for more updates from VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK

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