“To not get lost in the future, you must know your past, right?”

We are excited to share the video for Nynke Laverman’s newly-released single, “Your Ancestor”, which is part of Nynke’s beautiful and thought-provoking new album “Plant”. 
“Plant” was mastered by Darcy here at Valhalla Studios New York and is due for release on November 20th.

Nynke Laverman is an award-winning poet, songwriter, spoken-word artist, explorer, theatre maker and singer. She questions life and in so doing, doesn’t spare herself. Nynke depicts poetic, surreal worlds through predominantly acoustic music and earthy lyrics. Her love of language and her subtle, seasoned voice delicately guide you to new territory of the imagination.
This versatile Frisian singer has a voice that stays with you: ‘a leaf-blown shimmer of a voice’, The Independent writes.

More about Nynke at: https://nynkelaverman.nl/en/

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Photo: courtesy of Nynke Laverman