It has been a busy and exciting year for us at VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK!
2019 is soon coming to an end, and so we would like to share with you highlights of what we have done since our fantastic head engineers, Ronald Prent and Darcy Proper, joined us a few months ago.

Mixing Projects:

Ronald Prent’s first mixing project in Valhallla Studio 1 was for his long-time client, German rock artist Peter Maffay.
A stereo mix for Magenta 360’s online platform of a concert celebrating Peter’s 70th birthday, recorded live in Berlin, Germany in September 2019. In addition, Ronald mixed Peter’s new single.

Further mixing projects of the last three months included:

Polke vs. Blaudzun: Our first 11.1 project mixed at Valhalla Studios; the first analog use of our custom-built Fix Immersive Audio console.
For an exhibition of paintings in the Museum of Art in Amstelveen, Netherlands composer Johannes Sigmund composed nine pieces of music for nine different paintings.
Johannes joined us in beautiful upstate New York to be present for the mixes.

Bastiaan Ragas (Caught In The Act, Up With People): Four track Solo EP mix (stereo).

Dwight Dissels: Mix of a single track for a Dutch charity project.

Recording Projects:

Ronald and team tracked six songs for a Solo project by a Dutch artist with Will Calhoun (drums) and Doug Wimbish (bass) of Living Colour, using our vintage Midas Heritage console for an exciting upcoming project.

Mastering Projects:

Furnished with an array of standout equipment, including PMC’s spectacular Fenestria monitors, Darcy Proper’s first mastering projects included an inspiring album for Dutch singer/songwriter David Benjamin, a beautiful album for jazz harmonica player Hermine Deurloo (featuring the renowned Steve Gadd on drums and Tony Scherr on bass), and the first in a series of albums for new Canadian artist, Guy Anderson. Darcy also had the pleasure of mastering new singles for artists “a balladeer” and “Lesse” and has several other exciting and diverse albums in the works that you can look forward to hearing about soon.

AES New York:

In October, Ronald and Darcy spent busy days at AES New York!

In the Platinum Mastering panel Darcy discussed “Mastering In An Immersive Environment” together with mastering icons Michael Romanowski (chair), Mark Wilder, Gavin Lurssen, and Andres A. Mayo.

Darcy also participated in another panel titled “Sound Reproduction On Wheels – How To Serve The Art” which opened the dialog between audio professionals in music and the developers of automotive audio systems. The panel was chaired by Dr. Rafael Kassier (Harman), and fellow panelists were Alan Norton (Ford) and Mark Ziemba (Panasonic) sharing the automotive perspective, and Frank Filipetti and Richard King contributing their vast knowledge and experience in music recording and mixing.

Both Ronald and Darcy did a demo discussing “Mixing And Mastering Techniques For Immersive Audio” in the Neumann demo room.  Who would be better suited than these two 2019 GRAMMY® award nominees in this category?


In addition to mixing and recording Ronald was paramount in putting the finishing touches on our state-of-the-art studio by working closely with Fix Audio’s Paul Wolff who came to install the first ever immersive audio 64ch. console by Fix Audio.

This is the FIRST ever Analog console of its kind, capable of panning in 11.1 + 8 objects and handling monitoring for 3 sets of immersive speaker layouts from 8 different sources in 5 different formats. Custom-designed and built by Paul Wolff to Ronald’s ideas and specifications.

Last but not least we have exciting news on the Immersive Audio front: VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK is in the final stages to be certified for mixing in Dolby Atmos® and all other Immersive Audio formats.
This is accomplished by an array of 26 speakers powered by PMC.
We are scheduled to be ready for Immersive Audio mixes in Dolby Atmos® by the end of December.

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Happy holidays and a happy and successful 2020 from all at